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Pharmbio to enter Mongol’s colonoscopy market
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.07.09 11:20
  • Updated 2018.07.09 11:20
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Pharmbio Korea announced its intention Monday to enter the Mongol’s colonoscopy market with Picolight, the company’s powdered colonoscopy preparation solution.

Picolight is an FDA-approved drug that is easier to use than other drugs as it has a lower dosage. Many hospitals in Korea are now using the company’s solution.

“Picolight is a painless colonoscopic laxative that is expected to help colonoscopy in Mongolian people who have a very high incidence of colorectal cancer,” a company official said.

The company has also developed Picosolution, the world’s first ready-to-drink (RTD) colonoscopy preparation solution. The drug is an improvement of Ferring Pharmaceutical’s Prepopik, a powdered colonoscopy preparation solution. The treatment rectified the inconvenience of existing powdered colonoscopy preparation that required a patient to drink copious amounts of water.

Pharmbio Korea exported the stable liquid formulation used in Picosolution back to Ferring Pharmaceuticals for 42.5 billion won ($39.1 million) in 2016. Ferring launched the product as Clenpiq in the global market earlier this year.


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