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Dong-A ST’s Jublia dominates athlete’s foot drugs
  • By So Jae-hyeon
  • Published 2018.07.18 11:50
  • Updated 2018.07.18 11:50
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The sales of Dong-A ST’s Jublia, a toenail fungal treatment, has grown rapidly to lead the domestic market.

According to UBIST data, Jublia topped the athlete’s foot prescriptions between April and June, selling 3.52 billion won ($3.11 million). Jublia’s sales dwarfed those of over-the-counter remedies and took the No. 1 place.


The second place went to Galderma’s Loceryl, which sold 951 million won during the same period. Handok’s Roprox chased Loceryle with 769 million won worth prescriptions. Kolmar Pharma’s Pureyl and Kolmar Korea’s Romaryl followed with 489 million won and 439 million won, respectively.

Jublia is a prescription drug, which makes it possible for a correct diagnosis and treatment. It also shows good treatment results.

Before Jublia, OTC treatments in the form of cream or gel have been popular. However, nail and toe fungal infections can be caused by various bacteria that only physicians can identify.

Fungal infections might appear similar in form but they can have different symptoms and causes, which is why patients should receive more effective treatments based on a physician’s judgment, Dong-A ST said.

A clinical study showed that efinaconazole, the ingredient of Jublia, demonstrated higher or similar level of mycological cure rate and complete cure rate than amorolfine and ciclopirox, which are ingredients of external medicines (topical treatments).


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