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Watchdog to accuse 161 people of unwarranted reading of medical records
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.03.30 18:23
  • Updated 2017.03.30 18:23
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The Board of Audit and Inspection said Wednesday it found 161 employees of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) read the medical records of the late Baek Nam-gi without authorization.

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH)

Among them, a nurse has even sent what she read to her friend through the Kakao Talk, a mobile instant messenger, the top administrative watchdog said.

The late activist farmer died of injuries sustained during an antigovernment demonstration last September. SNUH made a social stir by declaring that Baek died of “natural causes,” contrary to widespread suspicion that the police’s brutal crackdown, including attacks by water cannon, was behind his death.

According to a BAI report, 734 people viewed Baek’s medical records 40,601 times between his hospitalization on Nov. 14, 2015, and the start of the inspection at the request of the National Assembly on Dec. 30, 2016. Among them, 370 were medical personnel, and 139 read it because of their job. Out of the remaining 225, 161 people read it out of curiosity and for other reasons not related to work.

BAI will press charges against the 161 SNUH employees for violating the Medical Law and called for the hospital to discipline the nurse in question according to in-house regulations.


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