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‘Nursing students drew lots to choose enema training subject’
  • By Lee Min-ju
  • Published 2018.09.24 06:45
  • Updated 2018.09.24 06:45
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An article on an online community of nurses revealed that a college in the Seoul metropolitan area forced nursing students to practice enema themselves as part of training. The writer of the article is presumed to be one of the nursing students.

According to the revelation, the students had to draw lots to choose who will become the subject of enema training. The whistleblower said the coercive atmosphere made it almost impossible to refuse the practice.

“If you’re unlucky, you have to show your anus to other people. Isn’t this human rights violation? Do other schools do the same?” asked the writer.

The article quickly brought in more than 1,000 comments as of 7 p.m. Thursday.

“It is more surprising that a school still coerces enema training. Did they even get a doctor’s prescription?” said a nurse through a comment. Another said it would be humiliating if the rest of the class were looking at the anus. “The practice does not even require special skills. Why do students have to become training subjects?” yet another comment said.

What was more shocking was that many comments were saying the nurses had similar experiences. One nurse said a nursing school had students practice inserting a foley catheter.

Another nurse, a graduate of a nursing college in Incheon, revealed in a comment that nursing students had to do not only enema but nasogastric intubation.

However, registered nurses said such practices are abnormal and very dangerous.

“Enema training on a student is not common at all. Students usually practice it with a model that looks like a human,” said a nurse working at a general hospital in Seoul. “I assume that the school did not use the model because it is expensive.”

The nurse went on to say that it was ridiculous to force such practice, which could cause sexual shame.

The nurse noted that the enema practice in a class could cause an infection or perforation, which could be hazardous. “The students are not medical professionals yet. In an emergency, I wonder a professor or an assistant professor could deal with it,” she added.


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