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More doctoral degree holders wanted at biotech ventures
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2018.10.02 14:40
  • Updated 2018.10.02 14:40
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Korean biotech venture companies are increasingly seeking more Ph.D.-qualified employees, industry data showed Tuesday.

According to online job search site BioJob, run by the Biological Research Information Center (BRIC), the number of total job openings in the biotech sector rose to 10,927 in 2017 from 9,930 in 2016.

The data showed that the proportion of Ph.D.-required job openings rose most sharply last year from 2016, compared to those of others categorized by education level.

The share of open positions for Ph.D. holders at biotech ventures rose by 5.8 percentage points from 9.3 percent to 15.1 percent during the cited period.

The proportion of job opportunities for college graduates remained almost unchanged from 40.2 percent to 40.4 percent. However, the share of vacancies for master’s degree holders shrank to 44.6 percent from 50.4 percent.

By institution type, vacancies for Ph.D. holders at government agencies and state-invested research institutes went up by 3.6 percentage points to 30.1 percent from 26.4 percent.

Biotech ventures also offered a high proportion of regular jobs.

At bio ventures, regular job opportunities took up 96.5 percent, and non-regular vacancies, 3.5 percent. At conglomerates and medium-sized firms, the regular job share stood at 92.4 percent, and non-regular, 35.3 percent. At other institutions, regular job opportunities accounted for 64.7 percent, and non-regular, 35.3 percent.

In contrast, non-regular vacancies took up more than 95 percent of all job openings at medical schools, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and state-invested research institutes.

“As more biotech ventures are focusing on research, their needs for professionals are growing. Bio ventures are short of Ph.D. researchers and workforce with excellent practical skills,” said an official at a biotech venture company.


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