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Green Cross Aims to Become World's Fifth in the Production of Blood ProductsWhen Construction of Canadian Factory Is Complete in 2019, Green Cross Will Step up as the World's Fifth in Plasma Processing Capability
  • By Lee Hye-seon
  • Published 2016.10.02 09:28
  • Updated 2017.05.08 17:28
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Green Cross increased the domestic production facility for blood products, aiming to become the world's fifth in the production of blood products.

Green Cross will complete the construction of a second plasma derivatives(PD) pipe, a facility to produce blood products, in its Ochang plant, and will soon test-run the facility for production.

Blood products are drugs produced by deriving high-purity protein, which contributes to the immune system or helps stop bleeding, from plasma, the liquid component of blood. They account for over 30% of the company’s sales and are a product field that represents Green Cross along with vaccines.

The company invested over 85 billion won in the construction of a second PD pipe from 2014 until present. The capacity of the second pipe to process plasma is 700,000 liters, the same as the existing PD pipe 1, enabling the Ochang factory to process a total of 1.4 million liters annually.

When Green Cross completes the construction of its factory in China, which can process 300,000 liters of plasma a year, and complete the construction of its plant in Canada, which can process 1 million liters, within this year, the latest expansion of the Ochang plant will enable Green Cross to process up to 2.7 million liters of plasma.

The company will test run the second PD pipe at the Ochang plant for three months beginning this month, and begin commercial production next year. The plant in Canada will be completed at the end of this year and will begin commercial production in 2019.

Green Cross expects to rank among the world’s top five global companies producing blood products following Shire, Grifols, CSL, and Octapharma.

Green Cross appears to be increasing its production capacity for the company's exports of blood products have steadily grown and they will soon enter the world's largest blood product market, North America.

Euncheol Heo, president of Green Cross said, "Blood products, a high value-added business, is Green Cross's past, present and future, which will lead the growth of Green Cross into a global company. We are expanding our factories according to our plan to enter the North American market and to increase our global business."


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