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Hans Biomed aims to lower adverse effects of artificial breast
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.10.18 15:45
  • Updated 2018.11.26 10:46
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With artificial breasts accounting for 91 percent of human implantable medical device side effects from 2012 to 2018, Hans Biomed unveiled a line of new micro-texture artificial breasts that can reduce such side effects on Thursday.

Doctor Seul Chul-whan, director of JW Plastic Surgery Center, explains the advantages of Hans Biomed’s BellaGel Micro Gold lineup, during a media session at Koreana Hotel in Myeong-dong, downtown Seoul, on Thursday.

The most important feature of the new lineup, called BellaGel Micro Gold, is that it adopts a unique process technology to realize a micro texture with a fine and uniform surface structure, the company said.

Recognized by the industry as the sixth generation of artificial breast implant, the product has solved the problem of the solid texture and uncomfortable movement of fifth generation implants.

The line-up consists of 30 products that differ in three categories -- diameter, protruding degree and volume – and can help patients with small or asymmetric breasts.

Also, the product uses 100 percent cohesive gel with excellent viscoelasticity to realize the shape change according to the physical feeling and body movement, Hans Biomed said.

The new product has a high affinity with body tissues, which decreases the risk of side effects such as spherical formation and double coating. The use of a high-elasticity, high-strength sheath also makes it less likely for the breast implant to cause deformation or rupture.

The company said it has also proved the safety and compatibility of the new implant through an animal study.

Based on such high safety and quality, Hans Biomed said it plans to increase its domestic market share and expand its products into overseas markets.

The Korean breast implant market is worth about 35 billion won ($30.8 million) with multinational corporations such as Allergen and Johnson & Johnson holding large market shares.

Hans Biomed expects to raise its market share from 8 percent to 23 percent with its new products, while also accelerating its advance into the U.S. and Chinese market. The U.S. artificial breast market is worth about 600 billion won, while the Chinese market is sized at about 300 billion won.

“We plan to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval for clinical trials until early next year and expect to launch the product by 2023,” said Lim Min-kyu, Hans Biomed’s marketing team leader. “The company also plans to set up a factory in the U.S. and provide it directly.”

In China, BellaGel products are already sold on the market, and the company plans to receive market approval for Bellagel micro-lineup, he added.

“At this time, BellaGel Micro Gold is the ideal artificial breast implant,” said Doctor Seul Chul-whan, director of JW Plastic Surgery Center. “I expect that the product will receive great attention from the medical staff and patients as the approval process proceeds.”


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