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GTG Wellness unveils animal research results for nasal closure treatment
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.10.18 16:14
  • Updated 2018.10.18 16:14
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GTG Wellness said Thursday that it has presented the animal research for RHIN-HI, a nasal closure treatment which uses focused ultrasound technology.

“The device is an effective treatment for treating nasal obstruction caused by the inferior turbinate caused by rhinitis,” a company official said. “Unlike conventional surgical treatment, it does not cause bleeding or pain and can be easily applied to patients that have little effect with medication.”

Professor Kim Dong-young of the department of otorhinolaryngology at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) conducted the trial.

The team divided the pigs into three groups -- untreated group, focused-type ultrasound device group, and high-frequency device group.

After reviewing the results, the team found that the nasal cavity volume in the focused-type ultrasound device and high-frequency device group when compared with the untreated control group.

Notably, the focused-type ultrasound device showed better results in postoperative nasal mucosa preservation, hemorrhage and scar formation than the high-frequency device group.

The company expects that the device will provide a new opportunity for patients with nasal congestion caused by rhinitis, which is increasing due to environmental reasons including fine dust.

“The machine will minimize the side effects of drugs and fear of surgery, which in turn will suggest a new paradigm in the treatment of chronic nasal obstruction,” GTG Wellness CEO Kim Tae-hyun said.


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