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Asan Medical Center expands concierge service for foreign patients
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.10.26 16:23
  • Updated 2018.10.26 16:23
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Asan Medical Center (AMC) will provide a special concierge service for international patients so that they may concentrate on their treatment.

The number of foreign patients who visit AMC last year was 15,000 with the number of foreign patients increasing every year. However, there are still high barriers besides treatment such as basic communication and culture difference.

To resolve this issue, AMC has expanded their concierge service that had been available only for Middle Eastern patients. The hospital has recently introduced a concierge system to provide more standardized services for patients from the Middle East, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Mongolia.

The company will help foreign patients visiting AMC to treat grave diseases such as cancer, organ transplantation and heart disease, by reducing their mental burden by reserving transportation and accommodation in advance.

“Until now, International Medical Center staffs have been in charge of the concierge service centering on patients from the Middle East,” said Professor Kim Young-tak, head of AMC’s international business department. “However, with the new concierge service, the hospital expects that all foreign patients will be able to enjoy more systematic care regardless of their nationality and language.”

All foreign patients deserve services at this hospital where they can be treated as comfortably as at home, he added.

Foreign patients from China, Mongolia, Russia, CIS and Arab countries who wish to benefit from concierge services at AMC can apply for it by calling Asan Medical Center's International Medical Center (02-3010-2357). The hospital also will expand similar assistance to other foreign visitors as well, it said.


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