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Theragen starts genetically tailored diet service
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.11.02 14:16
  • Updated 2018.11.02 14:16
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Theragen ETEX said Thursday that it has launched Genestyle Medifit, a genetically tailored diet service based on big data.

Unlike existing diet-related gene analysis platforms, Theragen’s service analyzes over 200 genetic data with its big data- and deep learning-based artificial intelligence, and provides predictions and solutions to remove the cause of the patient’s obesity.

The platform recommends dietary, exercise, nutritional, and medicines after its analysis of six genes related to obesity -- appetite control, fat metabolism, glucose metabolism, stress, inflammation, and energy consumption.

Also, Medfit analyzes genetic characteristics such as eating habits, hunger/satiety, preference food response, nutritional metabolism, taste, exercise effect, and body fat reduction response, and the individuality of diseases, which are likely to happen due to obesity such as stroke, hypertension, and myocardial infarction.

“Such information is an analysis of the inherent developmental mechanism of the disease called 'Endotype,’” the company said. “The process is more accurate in identifying the genetic characteristics, and provides a more personalized prescription than existing services, which stops at analyzing mechanisms that can be observed clinically.”

This service is available only through medical institutions such as hospitals, and it takes about three milliliters of blood for genetic analysis.

“We have developed services that reflect actual hospital consultation and treatment experience, and have increased precision by using big data in applying genetic information,” Theragen ETEX Vice President Kim Kyung-chul said.


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