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Market caps of top 20 drugmakers on KOSPI surged this year
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2018.11.06 15:41
  • Updated 2018.11.06 15:41
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Market capitalizations of high-ranking pharmaceutical and biotech companies on the benchmark KOSPI market have expanded during the first 11 months this year, industry data showed. Their proportion of market caps out of the total market cap also rose.

Market cap refers to the total market value of a company’s outstanding shares, calculated by multiplying the percentages by the stock price.

Four pharmaceuticals made into the top 100 KOSPI firms in market cap as of Jan. 2 – Samsung BioLogics, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Hanmi Science, and Yuhan Corp. With Celltrion joining the club, the number went up to five as of Monday.

The number of pharmaceuticals within the top 200 and top 300 remained unchanged at 12 and 24, respectively, during the same period.

Although the number of pharmaceutical and biotech firms within high-ranking market cap firms stayed almost the same, their market caps surged. The growth of their market caps is attributed to the massive inflow of capital with Celltrion’s moving from the secondary KOSDAQ to KOSPI on Feb. 9.

Celltrion has 30.09 trillion won ($26.77 billion) in market cap, which is about 2.16 percent of the KOSPI’s total market cap. Celltrion ranks fourth among KOSPI firms and No.1 among pharmaceuticals in market cap.

Market caps of the top 20 pharmaceutical and biotech companies on KOSPI went up to 82.7 trillion won in November from 59.7 trillion won in January.

Accordingly, the proportion of the 20 firms’ market caps out of the total KOSPI market cap grew to 5.9 percent from 3.7 percent during the cited period.

The top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech firms on KOSPI are Celltrion with 30.09 trillion won market cap (fourth in total), Samsung BioLogics with 26.39 trillion won (fifth), Hanmi Pharmaceutical with 4.89 trillion won (55th), Hanmi Science with 4.45 trillion won (58th), Yuhan Corp. with 2.82 trillion won (82nd), Daewoong Pharmaceutical with 1.84 trillion won (109th), GC Pharma with 1.6 trillion won (115th), Hanall Biopharma with 1.43 trillion won (129th), Bukwang Pharm with 1.16 trillion won (145thh), and Yungjin Pharm with 1.08 trillion won (151st).

Among the top 20 pharmaceuticals, market caps of Pharmicell and Dongsung Pharmaceutical significantly expanded. Pharmicell’s market cap surged to 822.4 billion won in November ranking 182nd, compared to 324th in January. That of Dongsung ranked 224thh with 618.9 billion won, up from 551st in January.


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