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SNUH develops new telescopic rod for osteogenesis deficiency treatment
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.11.14 18:29
  • Updated 2018.11.14 18:29
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Researchers at Seoul National University Hospital have developed a new dual interlocking telescopic rod that is more effective in treating osteogenesis deficiency while reducing complications compared to the existing products, the hospital said Wednesday.

Professors Cho Tae-joon (left) and Professor Shin Chang-ho

Osteogenesis deficiency is a hereditary disease that varies according to the severity of the patient. It can cause multiple fractures in various parts of the body throughout the patients’ life and can make it difficult for them to walk due to deformation.

To treat such symptoms, doctors use an intramedullary rod. For children, however, who are still in the growing stage, the treatment can become a problem as their bones grow to pass the rod, which in turn leads to fractures in such areas.

A team, led by Professors Cho Tae-joon and Shin Chang-ho of the department of child orthopedics at the hospital, developed a telescopic rod that grows along with the growth of the bone. However, even with the use of a telescopic rod, complications such as bone remodeling still occurred.

To overcome this problem, the researchers developed a dual interlocking telescopic rod that can fasten the bone. Even if the bone grows, the pins planted to hold the bone prevents it from growing in the wrong direction.

The newly developed rod was superior or similar to other devices in all aspects, including the maintenance period of the device, the surgery time, and length of the device as well as reducing complications such as bone remodeling, the hospital said.

“The new fixation device is expected to help children more effectively with fewer complications,” Professor Shin said.

The results of the research were published in the Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research.


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