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Jeju hospital professor accused of violence against staffs
  • By Choi Gwang-seok
  • Published 2018.11.28 13:14
  • Updated 2018.11.28 13:14
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A professor at Jeju National University Hospital’s rehabilitation center has verbally and physically abused hospital employees for years, a healthcare workers’ labor union said.

The Jeju branch of the Korean Healthcare Workers' Trade Union (KHWU) under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions revealed video footage of the female professor attacking medical staffs on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

A screenshot of a video clip of a professor (left) at Jeju National University Hospital’s rehabilitation center, released on the Facebook page of Korean Healthcare Workers' Trade Union on Tuesday.

According to the KHWU’s Jeju branch, the professor has repeatedly committed assaults against staffs, such as beating them, pinching them, or stepping on them, during patient rounds.

The video on Facebook showed the appalling scenes intact.

Jeju National University said it would refer the professor to the disciplinary committee soon.

“Frequent assaults are a criminal act. No one has the right to attack and bully another person,” the KHWU’s Jeju branch said.

The labor union urged the university’s disciplinary committee to dismiss the professor.

“Dismissing her is the corresponding punishment on the professor for her crime and the only way to root out violence, hidden in the university and the university hospital,” the labor union said.


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