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4C Gate unveils unmanned kiosk for detecting MERS
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2018.12.12 15:36
  • Updated 2018.12.12 15:36
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4C Gate said Wednesday that it has developed an unmanned kiosk that can measure body temperature, which is essential in preventing Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

The system automatically monitors the facial temperature of a patient through a kiosk used for registration, storage, and prescription issuance. The machine monitors the body temperature by using a non-contactless skin temperature system (CSTS).

While thermal infrared cameras used at hospitals and airports have limits in operation due to high installation and operation costs, the solution developed by 4C Gate is simple as the institutions can add the solution to a kiosk already installed.

The company expects that the easy installation will increase cost efficiency, which in turn makes it possible to install the kiosk in large areas at a low price in the case of infectious disease while minimizing the possibility of infecting medical staffs.

The existing method had limited the initial response, such as tracking the patient by offline management rather than managing the patient through digitized information.

By using the new system, however, it is possible to measure the facial temperature automatically while patients go through their patient registration, storage and prescription issue. The hospitals also can have an effective prevention system by linking the platform with personal information and hospital information system (HIS), the company said.

“We maximized cost efficiency by incorporating the optimal location search technology using proximity sensor ring, artificial intelligence technology that enhances facial tracking accuracy, and facial recognition technology,” the company said. “4C Gate is currently in the process of registering patents related to the technology.”

4C Gate has successfully developed this solution based on its experience in the Middle East, it added.

The company had entered the Middle East region since 2006 to build a hospital automation system.

It will launch the system at the Saudi Royal Hospital upon the latter’s request. Over the past two years, the company has undergone research and development to match the Saudi hospital’s requests.

The company expects that the solution will not only measures temperature but also provide real-time digital readings to control the contact risk of MERS patient by identifying the patient's movement instantly.

Based on its experience in the Middle East, 4C Gate intends to advance the technology and global target markets.

“With the successful development of this solution, we expect Korean technology to play a leading role in the epidemic prevention market in the Middle East and various global markets,” 4C Gate CEO Ahn Kwang-soo said. “The company plans to continue its focus on smart hospital services that utilize outstanding Korean technology in ICT field.”


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