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Gangnam Severance finds ways to cut insertion pressure for soft ureteroscope
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.01.09 10:39
  • Updated 2019.01.09 10:39
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Researchers at Gangnam Severance Hospital have discovered a method to reduce the insertion pressure of the ureteral entrance in patients who undergo soft ureteroscope to remove renal or ureteral stones, the hospital said Wednesday.

Professor Koo Kyo-chul

The team, led by Professor Koo Kyo-chul of the department of urology at the hospital and Professor Park No-chul of the department of mechanical engineering at Yonsei University, developed a method to lower the insertion pressure of the ureter entrance by using micro-ultrasonic vibration.

The researchers have applied for a patent regarding the technology.

Removal of stones using flexible ureteroscopy is one of the primary procedures to get rid of renal and ureteral stones. The surgery’s benefits include low postoperative pain and hematuria while eliminating the need for the patient to undergo laparoscopic or open surgery.

It can cause ureteral swelling and focal ischemia, however, as the tube used in the surgery is 2 to 3 mm thick compared to the mean diameter of the adult ureter. To solve this problem, the team focused on micro-ultrasonic vibrations as the procedure reduces surface friction with broad applications in the real world such as home appliances and working tools.

The research team developed a device to deliver ultrasonic vibrations to the ureter entrance and confirmed that it could reduce the insertion pressure by up to 37 percent after testing the technology on a porcine model.

“Animal studies have shown that not only does the new technology reduce insertion pressure, but also has an increased safety against ureter injury,” Professor Koo said. “Our team hopes that patients will undergo surgery more safely with the medical devices.”

The Journal of Endourology published the results of the study.


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