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Hugel wins patent for patch-type BTX product
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.01.09 16:31
  • Updated 2019.01.09 16:31
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Hugel said Wednesday that it has registered a patent for the microstructure formulation technology of botulinum toxin (BTX).

The patented technology infuses the botulinum toxin into the microstructure, including microneedle, blade or knife, to penetrate the treatment under the skin.

The company plans to use the technology to conduct clinical trials about a patch-type botulinum toxin using microneedle, and commercialize it.

“A patch-type BTX can control not only the concentration of toxin but also inject the treatment in a precise location,” the company said. “It is also possible to minimize the pain upon administration as it does not require a needle.”

The company expects that the patch type will become a sensation in the future BTX industry.

“This patented technology is not only likely to contribute to Hugel's global market sales but also provide safe and convenient use of botulinum toxin throughout the beauty and treatment fields,” Hugel CEO Sohn Ji-hoon said. “Hugel will become a global company by continuously developing BTX with various formulations through research and development.”


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