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Doctor’s group urges physicians to take precaution in using Saxenda
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.01.15 11:43
  • Updated 2019.01.15 11:43
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The Korean Medical Association (KMA) has released a guideline to all its members for the safe use and prevention of abuse of Saxenda, an obesity treatment.

“Saxenda is a product from Novo Nordisk originally developed as a diabetes drug, but it has been proven to be effective in the treatment of obesity,” the association said. “However, with the drug recently receiving attention as a diet drug, problems such as reckless use and illegal online transaction are rampant.”

Therefore, the KMA has sent out a guideline to recommend the safe use and preventing the abuse of the drug, it added.

The guidelines urged doctors to perform the first injection within the medical institution for the prevention of abuse and safe use of the self-injected drug while recommending them to provide education for the patients for every dose prescribed regarding its correct use and possible adverse effects.

The association added that doctors should only use the drug within the approved indications and strictly observe the age standard, usage and capacity set by the regulator, while cautioning patients not to sell or buy it online, especially without doctor's prescription.

The KMA emphasized that any irrational or exaggerated advertising for Saxenda can violate Article 68 (prohibition of false advertising) and Article 78 (scope of advertisement of medicines) of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

“We have asked the medical advertisement review committee to screen strictly all ads related to Saxenda,” the KMA said.

KMA spokesperson Park Jong-hyuk also said, “We will create an environment in which people can safely use medicines by preventing people from abusing drugs and conducting illegal online distribution.”

The association will also actively publicize the handling precautions of Saxenda to its members so that medical institutions can provide appropriate treatment in adverse events, he added.


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