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Med school in hot seat for leniency with spy camera shooter
  • By Lee Min-ju
  • Published 2019.01.29 16:43
  • Updated 2019.01.29 16:43
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A male medical student, who recorded a showering scene of a female student using a hidden camera two years ago, was expected to be back to school this year after finishing military service, a source said.

Some other suspected that the school in Busan replaced the punishment with the offender’s serving the military for around two years, which is mandatory for all non-disabled Korean men aged 18 or more.

The informant told Korea Biomedical Review on Monday that the perpetrator was caught using a spy camera to record a female student having a shower in a bathroom at the dormitory for students receiving clinical training in 2017.

After learning the incident, the school notified the case to medical students, except for the victim, and ordered them to remain silent the outside of the school.

However, the source said the school was trying to close the case as early as possible and did not disclose the full procedure of the reprimand.

The school said to the informant that it was “dealing with the case according to the rules” but whether the school punished the offender was unclear.

Rumors are circulating that the male student suddenly enlisted after the incident and that he would return to school this year.

“At that time, the school told us that it punished him according to the rules, but it seemed that the school considered his military service as a punishment,” a student at the medical school said. “Physicians are required to have a strong awareness of ethics, compared to ordinary people. So, a medical school who was rebuked for the unethical act should not try to avoid all the responsibilities just by enlisting.”

The medical school refused to disclose the information of the offender, saying it should protect his personal information.

“The schools’ rules state that an individual, professor, or school staff must report an incident to the sexual assault prevention center without delay and that the school should open a disciplinary committee to punish the perpetrator,” an official at the medical school said.

The school took the due procedure to deal with the latest case, too, the official added.


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