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  • By David Min
  • Published 2017.01.03 11:15
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Pregnancy seems to be one of the health tech’s fixations this year.

There is EVA, a sensor-equipped wristband that apparently alerts women to when they are most fertile and TRAKFERTILITY, a DIY sperm count test that tells an associated app what steps the owner should take or do to boost their numbers.

The health tech is booming and analysts are competing to predict how many billions of dollars it will all be worth in a decade’s time.

An Israeli start-up will be showing off their gadget called TYTOHOME that is designed to let families take heart, lungs, throat, abdomen and other organ’s readings and send them to their doctors. Its slogan is a “check-up without the check-in”

At least two companies at CES are trying to adapt the car’s airbags for the human body. ACTIVE PROTECTIVE is promising to show off a prototype smart belt for the elderly that triggers a cushioning action over their hips if they detect a fall. And INEMOTION has developed ski racing clothes with a similar function to prevent injuries in the ski grounds.

FRANCE’S WAIR has made a discreet wearable tech with an internet-connected scarf that doubles as an air filter.


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