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GC starts P2 trials of hepatitis B treatment
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.02.15 14:36
  • Updated 2019.02.15 15:37
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GC said Thursday that it has administered the first dose of GC1102, a new recombinant hepatitis B immunoglobulin, to a patient participating in the phase 2a clinical trial for the drug.

GC headquarters in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.

GC1102, also known as Hepabig-gene, employs immunoglobulins made from genetic recombination technology as its primary treatment source and prevents the recurrence of hepatitis B virus infection following liver transplantation.

“Unlike the conventional method of isolating hepatitis B immunoglobulin from the plasmas, the treatment has a high antibody purity and excellent virus neutralization ability due to its recombinant technology,” the company said.

The trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of GC1102 in 40 patients with chronic hepatitis B at five sites, including Severance Hospital and Seoul National University Hospital.

In particular, the study will treat patients with both GC1102 and conventional nucleic acid derivative oral antiviral agents to maximize the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, which is not yet curable.

“The ultimate goal of GC1102 development is to provide a dramatic change in the quality of life for patients by improving the treatment environment of chronic hepatitis B patients,” GC’s Medical Director Kim Jin said. “As earlier studies have identified the potential for treatment maximization, we will accelerate research to curing the illness.”

According to the company, there are about 300 million chronic hepatitis B patients worldwide.


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