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Medytox launches 3rd BTX product
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.03.20 11:29
  • Updated 2019.03.20 11:29
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Medytox said Wednesday that it has launched Coretox, a pure botulinum toxin (BTX) product which lowered the risk of resistance by removing non-toxic protein.

Medytox‘s 3rd BTX product Coretox

Coretox is the company’s third BTX formulation in Korea, following Medytoxin, the first locally developed BTX formulation, and Innotox, the world's first liquid toxin formulation. With the launch of Coretox, Medytox has become the first company in the world that has developed three types of BTX formulations.

Coretox eliminated the non-toxic proteins that are not involved in efficacy from a 900-kDa botulinum toxin and refined only the 150 kDa neurotoxin to reduce the risk of resistance development. Until now, Merz’ Xeomin was the only 150kDa BTX.

In particular, the company managed to exclude the animal components of the botulinum culture medium used in the manufacturing process for the first time in the world. Also, the use of human serum albumin as a stabilizer in the finished product has reduced the possibility of infection with blood-borne pathogens and infectious microorganisms, Medytox said.

Starting with the launch of Coretox, the company plans to hold a massive campaign to publicize the risk of resistance to botulinum toxin treatment, at domestic and international conferences and related events.

As resistance to BTX may occur depending on the number of administration, duration, and dose due to the nature of patients receiving the toxin preparation periodically, it is essential to help patients not develop a resistance to the BTX.

“Coretox is a new concept of BTX, developed by combining the expertise of Medytox and its differentiated research capability,” Medytox CEO Jung Hyun-ho said. “The company lowered the risk of resistance by eliminating animal components in the manufacturing process and human serum albumin from the finished product.”

With the launch of Coretox, the presence of Medytox in the global botulinum toxin market will become more conspicuous, Jung added.


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