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SMC tops 300 cases of heart transplants
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.03.21 10:26
  • Updated 2019.03.21 10:26
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Samsung Medical Center (SMC) has surpassed 300 cases of heart transplant surgeries, the hospital said Wednesday.

Samsung Medical Center in Ilwon-dong, Seoul.

After the first successful heart transplant, conducted by Professors Park Pyo-won and Lee Sang-hoon in December 1996, the hospital completed 100 cases in 2011, 200 cases in 2016 and 300 cases in 2019. In recent years, SMC has conducted more than 30 heart transplant cases annually.

The hospital’s “Multidisciplinary Severe Heart Failure Team” is the first cardiovascular team in Korea, where all relevant departments such as cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, and intensive care medicine departments, as well as the eco team, cardiac rehabilitation team, clinical pharmacist, works to provide an optimal treatment for patients with terminal heart failure.

The hospital has received much recognition for its excellence with Professors Lee Young-tak and Jeon Eun-seok’s team succeeding in implanting the first left-ventricular assist device in Korea in 2012, and a third-generation artificial heart transplant for patients with end-stage heart failure in 2015.

As of November last year, SMC hold various records in Korea, including 0- percent early mortality rate and the first successful minimally invasive artificial heart transplant in Korea.

“Even when comparing the hospital to the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. in terms of quantity and quality, our heart failure team’s performance is excellent,” said Oh Jae-gun, director of SMC’s heart cerebral vascular hospital.


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