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Panace launches Dermashine Balance in China
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.04.03 16:57
  • Updated 2019.04.03 16:57
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Panace, a subsidiary of Humedix, held a launching ceremony in China for Dermashine Balance, its multi-injector mesotherapy gun, on Sunday.

Professor Yang Rongya from the Chinese PLA General Hospital explains how to use Dermashine Balance, during a launching ceremony at the NUO Hotel in Beijing, Sunday.

During the ceremony, Professor Yang Rongya from the Chinese PLA General Hospital explained the know-how of using Dermashine Balance.

“The Dermashine Balance is a device with a 32G 9Pin sterile needle and a pressure-sensitive autosampler,” Professor Rongya said. “The device can perform a wide area treatment in a short time, which makes it convenient for operations and have quick skin improvement effects.”

An official from Beijing Interlims, Panace’s Chinese partner, also said, "The Dermashine series is a revolutionary medical device created by the K beauty trend. It has set a phenomenal record of 10,000 sales cumulative in the global esthetic medical equipment market, where trends and trends are rapidly changing.”

Dermashine Balance received approval from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for both the equipment itself and the 32G 9Pin sterile injection needle, he added.

Panace plans to pursue marketing and promotions with Beijing Interlims by emphasizing that the device is a genuine product that has received approval from the CFDA. It also plans to promote durability, quality, and differentiated treatment results of the device.

“The company has already shipped one-fifth of its target volume this year due to the pre-order request rush before the official launch ceremony,” a company official said. “The company is expected to ship more than 160 percent of its target volume in the second quarter.”


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