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SMC’s cancer center installs new surgery robot
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.04.05 17:23
  • Updated 2019.04.05 17:23
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Samsung Medical Center said Friday that it has installed Da Vinci single port (SP), a robotic surgery system, at its colorectal cancer center.

Professor Yoon Sung-hyung conducts a surgery using Da Vinci SP at SMC in Ilwon-dong, southern Seoul.

Developed by Intuitive Surgical, a U.S.-based medical device company, Da Vinci SP consists of three components -- a surgeon console, a surgical cart and a vision cart with a screen that can display surgical procedures.

With Da Vinci SP, doctors can perform narrow and deep region surgery only with a 2.5 cm single-hole incision. The device also provides a 360-degree vision, which, in turn, allows doctors to conduct a more sophisticated operation.

Also, as the device minimizes any possible nerve injury, it allows faster recovery of the patient while inhibiting any problems that may occur in their sexual lives or urination function, the hospital said.

Starting with Professor Yoon Sung-hyung of the department of colorectal surgery, the hospital plans to use Da Vinci SP in all operations related to colorectal and rectal cancer.

“The center has grown rapidly thanks to the medical staffs who have continued to acquire advanced surgical procedures,” said Professor Lee Woo-yong, head of SMC’s colorectal cancer center. “The introduction of the Da Vinci SP and the constant challenge of the medical staff will be an important turning point for the future implementation of no-scar surgeries.”


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