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‘4 Oriental medical students sexually harassed women on mobile group chat’
  • By Choi Gwang-seok
  • Published 2019.05.27 15:56
  • Updated 2019.05.27 15:56
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Four students at Daejeon University’s College of Oriental Medicine sexually molested female students and professors on a mobile group chat, according to a Facebook page.

The anonymous Facebook bulletin board of Daejeon University on Friday posted an entry with the title, “I am accusing a verbal sexual violence case in a Kakao Talk group chat room that attacked senior and junior students, fellow students, and professors at the Oriental medicine college.”

The writer, presumably one of the victims, said he or she discovered the violence on May 17 in a group chat room where eight students in the same department gathered. “Numerous captures showed that my friends, junior students, seniors, women, and men were the subject of insults and sexual remarks that made me embarrassed and shameful,” the posting said.

The writer went on to say that the offenders’ verbal abuse showed their distorted sexual perception and misogyny.

“They have been gossiping this way for such a long time that they didn’t seem to feel guilty,” the posting said. “Badmouthing was habitual. Their comments were mainly about sexual harassment, sexual attack, putting people down because of their looks, and defamation of character.”

The accuser pointed out that the perpetrators were aware that their remarks could be a serious issue because they worried they could “become like K-pop singers Jung Joon-young and Seungri” who were recently indicted on charges of sharing illegally taken photos of women in an online chat room.

“There are scores of victims that include fellow students, seniors, juniors, and even professors. The examples mentioned in this posting are only a part of the case, and I want you to know that anybody can become a victim,” the posting said.

The writer also noted that physicians need stricter ethical views than other professions because they deal with noble life. The writer demanded the university punish two leading offenders and two accomplices on a different level and urged the school students to support him or her.

Students at Daejeon University expressed anger. Some of them asserted that the university should reveal the identities of the offenders.

Daejeon University set up a fact-finding committee, led by its vice president, to identify what happened exactly and solve problems.


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