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Daewoong to develop hearing loss treatment using ion-channel platform tech
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.06.14 17:27
  • Updated 2019.06.14 17:27
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Daewoong Pharmaceutical said that it has signed a contract with Yonsei University to start research and development of a first-in-class candidate for noise-induced hearing loss.

Daewoong's headquarters in Samsung-dong, southern Seoul.

The company will use its ion-channel platform technology to develop the treatment and plans to conduct phase 1 clinical trials by 2022.

Ion channels are membrane proteins that pass ions in and outside the bio-membrane. The movement of ions generates electrical signals to the body, and it interacts with various signal transductions such as nerve excitement. With such benefits, the company expects to develop new drugs in various diseases such as neurological diseases and cancer.

Obstacles remain, however, as it needs to use an electrophysiological evaluation method that uses a high-intensity patch clamp to analyze the clear action of the ion channel.

To resolve the issue, Daewoong plans to use its ion-channel platform technology, which is an advanced electrophysiological evaluation method with clear action analysis and accuracy. The technology is an innovative method that combines fluorescence-based assessment and automated patch clamp.

Yonsei University’s Otorhinolaryngology Department has analyzed the gene for hearing loss and found a candidate for the first time in the world, and has the animal model and the base technology for developing such drugs.

“Daewoong’s strengths in the ion-channel platform and Yonsei University’s technology regarding hearing loss will create a strong open collaboration synergy,” Daewoong Pharmaceutical CEO Jeon Seng-ho said. “We will continue to build innovative new drug development pipeline to contribute to the healthy life of patients.”


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