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Eutilex unveils immunotherapy development strategy
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.06.27 16:51
  • Updated 2019.06.27 16:51
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Eutilex presented its immunotherapy development strategy during the "Global Bio Conference" held in Seoul from June 24-28.

Agustin de la Calle, head of Eutilex's chief business officer, gave the presentation Eutilex's development strategy for T cell and antibody therapeutic agent. Regarding T-cell therapy, the company talked about its current clinical trial results in blood and solid tumors, and future clinical designs.

Eutilex did not conduct the pre- and post-conditioning of the cell treatment, which many companies perform to maximize the effectiveness of therapy, but phase 1 clinical trial showed an overall response rate of 50 percent and complete response of 25 percent.

Therefore, the company expects higher response rates if they include the pre and postconditioning in future trials.

For EU102, an antibody therapy targeting activation-inducible TNFR family receptor (AITR), the company has confirmed a dual function that not only activates killer T cells to attack cancer but also converts regulatory T cells into assisted T cells.

"The mechanism by which regulatory T cells are converted into assisted T cells is unheard of," the company said. "Only EU102 confirmed a dramatic reduction in tumor size compared to other substances in nonclinical based on such a mechanism."

It is due to the EU102's ability to control both T cell diversity and immunosuppression microenvironment, a significant obstacle to cancer treatment, the company added.


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