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Seoul Medical Center hands over public healthcare tips to Kyrgyzstan
  • By Song Soo-youn
  • Published 2019.07.10 15:20
  • Updated 2019.07.10 15:20
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Seoul Medical Center has been offering public healthcare training to Kyrgyzstan for eight consecutive years. On Tuesday, physicians from the public hospital have left for the Central Asian country to help manage infections and educate patient safety.

The hospital said its five physicians and 31 students, as well as staff members from the University of Seoul, left for Kyrgyzstan to disseminate know-how in public healthcare and enhance residents’ rights to health. The project is part of the two entities’ “International Exchange-Public Healthcare Exchange Support Program.”

Doctors at Seoul Medical Center and students of the University of Seoul pose for a photo before departing for Kyrgyzstan under the “International Exchange-Public Healthcare Exchange Support Project” on Tuesday. (Credit: Seoul Medical Center)

Since 2012, the municipal hospital has invited Kyrgyz doctors for training in Korea and handing over tips in public medical projects, healthcare policies, and the operation of a large-sized hospital with 600 sickbeds or more.

This year, the training will be centered on infection management and patient safety education.

The hospital will hold an academic seminar under the title of “Korean hospitals’ safety and quality control” to help Kyrgyzstan prevent diseases and accidents caused by the lack of patient awareness, such as hygiene.

It will also select six Kyrgyzstani doctors who will receive education at the hospital.

Seoul MC will provide a second training to use medical devices in Kyrgyzstani hospitals for those who already received its training before.

Besides, the hospital plans to support 66 Kyrgyzstani doctors who received Seoul MC training to carry out a medical project for residents.

Seoul Medical Center Director Kim Min-ki said, “We will review expanding Seoul’s public healthcare support project from Bishkek to Osh to narrow the gap in medical care in Kyrgyzstan and to maintain our cooperative relationship.”

He added that the hospital would make efforts to become a best practice case in the two nation’s exchanges and support Korea’s Northern Economic Cooperation.


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