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Korean Radiologists Exposed to Higher Doses of RadiationRadiation exposure levels have continually declined, but still remain higher than Japan, Germany, and U.K.
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.02.10 14:43
  • Updated 2017.02.14 19:12
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Korean Radiologists and related professionals are exposed to a higher level of radiation than their Japanese and German counterparts.

An annual report (‘2015 Annual Report of Radiation Exposure Levels of Radiologists’) published by Centers for Disease Control & Prevention of Korea revealed that the average level of radiation for radiologists and related professionals in Korea has steadily decreased since 2011, but is still higher than Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

There are currently a total of 76,493 practitioners dealing with radiation, signaling a 26.6% increase since 2011.

The level of radiation exposure per individual was analyzed by occupational group, region, age, sex etc.

The report revealed that the average level of radiation exposure in 2015 was 0.39mSv, a 30.4% decrease from 2011 (0.56mSv).

Number of Practitioners Dealing with Radiation by Year and Annual Average Level of Radiation Exposure

However, these numbers are still on the higher end of the spectrum, as Japan stands at 0.36mSv (2015), Germany at 0.07mSv (2014), and the U.K. at 0.066mSv (2010). Continual improvements for practitioners dealing with radiation must be made, according to the report.

Statistical data titled ‘Number of X-ray Devices Installed Nationwide,” compiled on March 31, 2016, indiciated that the number of medical institutions with X-ray devices has increased by 19.6%, totaling 34,942 devices (29,210 in 2011 to 34,942 in 2016).

Currently, there are a total of 82,357 X-ray devices installed in medical institutions nationwide, which has increased by 17% since 2011 (70,105 devices in 2011 and 82,357 devices in 2016). CT devices in particular have seen an increase of 7.1% (2,147 in 2011 à 2,300 in 2016).


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