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Foreign doctors receive endoscopic ultrasonography training at AMC
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.07.16 14:29
  • Updated 2019.07.16 17:40
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Asan Medical Center (AMC) said that it held a endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) specialized course to foreign doctors visiting the hospital.

Professor Seo Dong-wan (far right) conducts an endoscopy ultrasonography training for foreign doctors participating in the endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS)-specialized course at Asan Medical Center in Songpa-gu, southern Seoul.

Professor Seo Dong-wan of the Department of Internal Medicine conducted a variety of educational programs, including basic endoscopic anatomy, patient cases, animal and model exercises, for foreign medical workers who visited Korea to improve their proficiency of endoscopic ultrasonography.

Professor Seo holds an international educational leader position for endoscopic ultrasonography at the World Endoscopy Organization.

"This training is an international education program for strengthening the expertise of endoscopic ultrasonography for the next generation of foreign medical workers," the hospital said in a news release. "Ten professors, each from Britain, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Morocco, India, Romania, and Singapore, visited Korea and received international education."

The foreign doctors showed particular interests in endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage, treatment of cystic pancreatic tumors, and high-frequency treatment, the hospital added.

AMC’s endoscopic ultrasonography training consisted of two courses and focused on the basic anatomy of endoscopic ultrasonography practice. Each class took eight to nine days, and the participants completed their first curriculum in June and planned to finish the second curriculum from Oct. 1-9.

"Endoscopic ultrasonography education at Asan Medical Center, which has leading medical technology with the highest level of research and education, was a special opportunity for me," said Professor Jonathan Potts from the United Kingdom. "I am grateful to AMC for providing useful education through various programs such as lectures, practical exercises, and animal experiments."

Professor Seo said, "Endoscopic ultrasonography is a test that can accurately observe organs such as the pancreas and biliary tree deeply in the abdomen. To become an expert, however, constant practices and systematic training program are needed.


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