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H+ Yangji Hospital makes accord with Mongolian hospital
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.07.30 12:38
  • Updated 2019.07.30 12:38
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H+ Yangji Hospital said that it has signed a medical agreement with Mongolia’s General Hospital for the States Special Servants (GHSSS).

H+ Yangji Hospital Director Kim Sang-il (left) and GHSSS Director Battur Lkhagvaa signed a partnership agreement, at the Korean hospital in Sinlim-dong, southwestern Seoul, on Monday.

Under the accord, the two institutions will strengthen cooperation by sharing information on healthcare and promoting friendship between their medical professionals.

The cooperative fields include human resource exchange such as medical personnel training, hospital system, and health policy exchange by holding joint conferences or symposium on healthcare.

“With the agreement with H+ Yangji Hospital, we will do our best to strengthen the medical cooperation between the two institutions, such as the introduction of Korea’s excellent hospital administration system and exchanges between the medical staff,” GHSSS director Battur Lkhagvaa said.

H+ Yangji Hospital Director Kim Sang-il also said, “We will discuss cooperation models with GHSSS, and will review and implement cooperative measures that can be of practical assistance to both organizations.”

GHSSS is a general hospital under the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs of Mongolia and provides medical services to former and current government employees. The hospital is one of the largest in Ulaanbaatar with 240 beds and 350 medical staffs.


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