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Boryung to sell antihypertensive drugs in Mexico
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.08.19 14:31
  • Updated 2019.08.19 14:31
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Boryung Pharmaceutical said the company would sell its antihypertensive combination drug Arahkor Duo, known as Dukarb in Korea, in Mexico.

Boryoung signed a license-out agreement with Stendahl International, a Mexican-based pharmaceutical company, for 25 Latin American countries in September 2016. The company had also launched other antihypertensive drugs such as Kanarb and Tuvero.

In a local phase 3 clinical trial, the drug lowered the patient’s systolic blood pressure by about 2.7 times and increased blood pressure control rate by about 50 percent compared to a single agent.

The company is optimistic about the drug’s launch in Mexico as the treatment is showing strong growth locally. According to UBIST data, the Arahkor Duo recorded outpatient prescriptions of 18.1 billion won ($14.9 million) in 2018. Arahkor Duo is a fixed-dose combination drug, which combines fimasartan, an angiotensin ll receptor blocker, and amlodipine, a calcium channel blocker.

“The combination of Arahkor and amlodipine showed better effects in lowering blood pressure than a single prescription,” said Professor Cardona Munoz, who gave a speech at the launching symposium. “The launch of Arahkor Duo will not only improve the quality of life for hypertension patients in Mexico but will contribute to the treatment of hypertension.”

Boryung Pharmaceutical CEO Lee Sam-soo also said, “The powerful antihypertensive effect of Arahkor Duo will help improve the quality of life of patients and expand treatment options for physicians.”

Based on the drug’s growth in Korea, the company will increase marketing synergy with its partner, Stendhal, and settle in the Mexican market as soon as possible, Lee added.


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