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SNUDH to commercialize world's 1st treatment for teeth sensitive to cold
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.08.29 15:34
  • Updated 2019.08.29 15:34
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A local hospital’s research team has developed the world's first method of regenerating the dentin of damaged teeth to treat teeth sensitive to cold fundamentally.

Teeth sensitive to cold is a symptom where the patient's teeth become vulnerable to irritation due to the exposure of the dentin inside the tooth and the hard surface of the tooth, due to various causes such as periodontal disease, excessive brushing, and poor oral hygiene.

The symptom affects 8 to 57 percent of the adult population in various age groups. Sixty to 98 percent of patients with periodontal disease suffer from the symptom.

Currently, there are two ways to treat teeth sensitive to cold -- interfering with the signaling of nerves that deliver pain using neuroprotective agents, and closing the exposed dentin dentinal tubules using various types of dental materials.

However, neuroprotective agents have had a disadvantage as patients needed to use the agent repeatedly.

Researchers at Seoul National University Dental Hospital (SNUDH), led by Professors Son Won-joon and Park Joo-chul, found that CPNE7 gene protein can become a solution to the problem.

The team's preclinical research showed that the CPNE7 gene protein-based drug rapidly gets absorbed through the liquid present in the dentin tubule and cause dentin regeneration.

“Notably, the treatment does not artificially block neurotransmission or eliminate original functions of the teeth and dentinal tubules, but rather improves symptoms while regenerating the dentin,” the hospital said in a news release Thursday. “The team plans to conduct clinical trials for the CPNE7 water-soluble peptides in the first half of next year."

Journal of Dental Research published the results of the study.


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