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Yuyu confirms safety of its antiplatelet drug
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.10.10 17:35
  • Updated 2019.10.10 17:35
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Yuyu Pharmaceutical said that it has confirmed the safety of Yuclid (ingredient: ticlopidine, ginkgo leaf extract), an antiplatelet drug, and published the results in an international journal.

Yuyu Pharmaceutical's antiplatelet drug Yuclid

The study verified the safety of Yuclid in 4,839 patients with vascular disease who had taken the drug at least once by measuring the incidence of all adverse reactions, including neutropenia and bleeding.

The incidence of neutropenia for patients who took ticlopidine alone was 2.9 percent, which was higher than the prevalence of neutropenia in the Yuclid patient group was 0.29 percent.

The study consisted of a cohort study based on a continuous investigation of the clinical course and blood test results at 89 medical institutions three months after taking Yuclid from 2009 to 2015.

“The study demonstrates that Yuclid is effective and safe for carotid, peripheral vascular, and stroke relapse patients as it improves side effects that can occur with conventional ticlopidine alone,” said Professor Bae Hee-jun at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. “The study suggests that Yuclid can become an alternative treatment for patients with CYP2C19 gene mutation, which is dominant among Asian patients, including Koreans.”

Yuyu Pharma developed Yuclid and released it in 2008. It is used for chronic arterial occlusive disease, ischemic cerebrovascular disorder, ulcer associated with coronary artery disease, ischemic symptoms such as pain and coldness, and prevention of subacute thrombosis after intracoronary stent placement.

In May 2018, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety designated Yuclid as one of the nation’s 315 essential drugs.


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