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Lilly Korea celebrates 1st anniversary of antidiabetic launch 
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.06.08 15:13
  • Updated 2017.06.08 15:13
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Lilly Korea (CEO: Paul Henry Huibers) held a symposium commemorating the first anniversary of its launch of Trulicity (compound dulaglutide), a hit antidiabetic medicine, at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in southern Seoul, last Thursday.

The symposium is the first of its kind – celebrating the launch of a particular therapy and in this case, GLP-1 analog Trulicity -- to examine the value and clinical utility of GLP-1 analogs in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The workshop was also designed to share the experience of prescribing Trulicity and the latest treatment knowledge. About 140 diabetes specialists attended the symposium.

About 140 diabetes specialists attended the symposium organized by Lily Korea to celebrate the first anniversary of its antidiabetic, Trulicity, at COEX Intercontinental Hotel in southern Seoul Monday.

The first session dealt with the theme of "The new era of GLP-1RA treatment with Trulicity," which opened a new era of GLP-1 analog, in which Professor Lee Woo-je이우제 of Asan Medical Center서울아산병원, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, made a presentation.

Lee noted that GLP-1 analogs had not received much attention due to the rejection of patients with diabetes and the limited insurance benefit standard compared to the excellent clinical utility. “But the improvement in insurance benefits and the appearance of Trulicity, which reduced drug injection to once a week, have sharply improved the situations,” he said.

In the second session, Professor Lee Eun-jung이은정 of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital강북삼성병원, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine explained about the powerful and easy option for T2DM patients for type 2 diabetes patients.

The GLP-1 analog TRU1 is a once-weekly treatment that can overcome the burden of injecting therapy for diabetic patients who are not controlling for glucose by oral hypoglycemic agents. The participants also discussed the clinical value of the Trulicity and shared the experience of prescribing in the clinical setting.

Professor Yoon Kun-ho윤건호 of the Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital서울성모병원, who hosted the symposium, said, "Looking back at the experience of the past, GLP-1 analog Trulicity showed great blood glucose-lowering effect compared to basal insulin once used in Korea. It also has a variety of benefits, including no need for volume control and weight loss studies."

"In particular, by reducing the number of injections per week, we quickly became a reasonable and effective treatment option to overcome the psychological barriers of patients with diabetes,” he added.


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