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Sewon Cellontech’s cartilage-restoring device wins Europe‘s patent
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.06.08 17:28
  • Updated 2017.06.08 17:28
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Sewon Cellontech has completed its patent registration in 35 countries in Europe for the manufacturing technology of CartiFill, a medical device for reconstructing cartilage tissue, the company said Thursday.

The patented technology, called the "composition for cartilage tissue repair and its manufacturing method," is used for the production of bio-collagen (an international raw material drug) and fibrin (biocompatible natural adhesive material). The latest invention relates to a method to manufacture a composition for restoring and reconstructing cartilage tissue that cannot regenerate by itself once damaged by using a mixed biocompatible material.

CartiFill is one of the Regengraft products, a regenerative medical system that replaces and strengthens various human tissues, developed by Sewon Cellontech세원셀론텍. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has recognized it as a new medical technology.

Currently commercializing CartiFill are 16 countries, including European nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, Asian nations such as Singapore and Malaysia, and Latin American nations such as Mexico and Chile.

"With the global phenomenon of population aging and rising medical expenses, the regenerative medicine market is expected to expand, with Europe being the world's second largest market, accounting for 27.8 percent ($3.83 billion) of the global market in 2015,” a company official said. “It is imperative that our company dominates the orthopedic field.”


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