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IVI brings 2 universities together for executive master program
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.06.09 09:45
  • Updated 2017.06.09 09:45
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The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) said Thursday it would bring a Korean and an Italian university together for the launch of an executive master degree program for graduates to receive a joint degree.

The program is an extension of the University of Siena’s current executive master in vaccinology and pharmaceutical clinical development, a course intended for public health and biotechnology industry professionals.

While the master’s program in Siena focuses exclusively on vaccines, the new joint master course with Incheon National University will broaden the pharmaceutical development of small molecules and biologicals beyond vaccines, IVI said in a press release.

Francesco Frati (second from left), president of the University of Siena, shakes hands with Incheon National University President Cho Dong-sung after signing a memorandum of understanding during the kick-off event at the Korean university Thursday.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented level of innovation in medicine – new vaccines to combat diseases such as malaria, Ebola or meningitis B; breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer including individualized treatments; or affordable biosimilars to broaden access to life-saving medicines,” said Professor Sue Ann Clemens at pediatric infectious diseases department of the University of Siena, during a kick-off event at the Korean university.

These innovations are the results of ever increasing knowledge and biological insights, and knowledge is acquired thru learning and doing through education, she added.

For this program, a team of IVI scientists, led by Jerome Kim, an authority in HIV/AIDS vaccine development and director general of IVI, will serve as adjunct faculty and give lectures on global health and vaccine development, and the Institute may provide internship opportunities.

Incheon National University President Cho Dong-sung also expressed his expectations for the program. “The enthusiastic, knowledgeable and connected students from this program will be vital to sustaining the growth of Korea’s biotech industry, the health and wellness of Korea’s people and all people around the world who need efficient, safe and accessible life-saving medicines,” Cho said.

The three sides will expand the academia-industry collaboration next year to accept students from many countries in Northeast Asia and eventually all around the world, he added.


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