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GC Labcell hands over NK cell-treating tech to US lab
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.11.26 15:33
  • Updated 2019.11.26 15:33
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GC Labcell said it has transferred its natural killer (NK) cell treatment technology to Artiva Biotherapeutics, a U.S. research lab funded by the GC group.

NK cells are innate immune cells that destroy cancer cells or abnormal cells in a patient’s body to prevent cancer.

Through this agreement, GC Labcell plans to transfer its cord blood-derived NK cell therapy technology to Artiva, and Atiba will conduct clinical trials to develop the candidate into a drug in the U.S.

“Umbilical cord blood-derived NK cells are less likely to appear between donors than NK cells isolated from adult blood and has high efficacy and stable culture,” the company said. “The company has been continuously conducting related research such as applying for an international patent on culture method of cord blood-derived natural killer cells using transformed T cells.”

The company said it has also developed the technology to mass-produce cord blood-derived NK cells, which will speed up the development of therapeutics.

“We are focusing on developing next-generation cell therapies such as NK cell therapies derived from cord blood and CAR-NK cell therapies,” said Hwang Yu-kyung, director of GC Labcell’s cell therapy research center. “We are planning to create future growth engines through continuous investment in research and development.”


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