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Macrogen, Thermo Fisher Scientific tie up to expand capillary electrophoresis sequencing service
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.12.19 14:19
  • Updated 2019.12.19 14:19
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Macrogen said that it would cooperate with Thermo Fisher Scientific to expand the capillary electrophoresis sequencing (CES) service in the global market.

Macrogen CEO Yang Kap-seok (left) and Mark Smedley, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s president of genetic sciences, hold up their cooperative agreement at Macrogen headquarters in Gasan-dong, Seoul, on Tuesday.

The two companies will establish strategic partnerships to expand the overseas market of CES services through gene analysis, certification and development of reagent authenticity, technical support for equipment and related facilities, and reinforcement of competitiveness by enhancing the global brand value.

Known as the first-generation sequencing method, CES has the advantage of reading a relatively small amount of data accurately compared to next-generation sequencing, and recent advances in CES technology have highlighted the relevant fields of application, accelerating the market’s growth.

Allied Market Research, a global research firm, predicts that the global CES market will grow to $1.85 billion by 2025. ThermoFisher Scientific has a leading position in the global CES market.

Macrogen plans to secure cost competitiveness and provide reliable and high-quality data to local and overseas customers using equipment and reagents officially certified by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The company also aims to expand the global market for CES services based on the reputation and strength of Thermo Fisher Scientific, which has a worldwide distribution network.

The strategy is to build a "Genome Supermarket" that provides gene analysis services of the same quality anywhere in the world, increasing customer access, and providing reliable services of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Macrogen has now established laboratories in Spain and Singapore as part of its Genome Supermarket and plans to add additional laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

"The industry is currently focusing on the NGS market, but the CES market is also growing at a rapid pace. Macrogen secured the company's initial growth and is preparing to leap forward in the growing CES market, driven by the expansion of its applications,” Macrogen CEO Yang Kap-seok said. “The alliance with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global bio-market leader, will be the foundation for driving global marketing in line with changes in the CES market.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific Korea CEO Seok Soo-jin also said, "We are looking forward to expanding our business opportunities in the global CES market through this strategic business agreement with Macrogen. We hope Macrogen and Thermo Fisher Scientific Korea will work closely together to drive global growth."


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