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Health authorities ask nurse hospitals to obey infection prevention rules
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.01.31 16:42
  • Updated 2020.01.31 16:42
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The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced Friday its guidelines to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, telling hospitals to exclude Chinese caregivers from duty for at least two weeks.

The Korean Convalescent Hospital Association (KCHA) also requested convalescent hospitals to abide by infection prevention measures.

The health-welfare ministry’s guideline presented the primary response to infection control in medical institutions on Thursday. If the medical workers and foreigners who visited Hubei province in the past 14 days develop respiratory symptoms or fever, wear air masks, and temporarily isolate themselves in a separate place and call 1339, the guideline said.

“Restrict access to unnecessary outsiders or visitors, and place hand sanitizers near entrances and exits," the ministry said.

The nurse hospital group also requested its members to limit visitors to prevent the new coronavirus infection.

"The new coronavirus is spreading fiercely, and suspected cases are seen in several areas," KCHA President Son Duk-hyun said. "Senior citizens have a weak immune system, so please respond to them preemptively. Medical workers should also pay extra attention to control and prevention."

The group’s guidelines to prevent infection at medical institutions are as follows.

● Disinfection management: Use disinfectants such as ethanol or liquid oxygen for cleansing the facility (every two hours).

● Both patients and medical workers should wear air masks, especially patients and medical workers who show symptoms.

● Apply disinfection and cleansing standards to MERS-responded medical institutions.

● Thoroughly sanitize the medical service room infected patients stay.


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