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KMA to send medical supplies to physician remaining in Wuhan
  • By Song Soo-youn
  • Published 2020.02.17 15:14
  • Updated 2020.02.17 15:14
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The Korean Medical Association (KMA) said it would seek to provide medical and pharmaceutical resources for a plastic surgeon, who chose to stay in Wuhan in China to treat Korean patients.

The group of doctors said the plastic surgeon, who operates Han Plastic Surgery Clinic in Wuhan, was supposed to get on the third chartered plane that Seoul sent to evacuate Koreans from the new coronavirus-stricken city on Wednesday. However, he decided to remain in Wuhan to take care of Korean patients who might not get the timely treatment if left with Wuhan’s broken healthcare system.

China closed Wuhan due to the further spread of the novel coronavirus and the city is known to be in a significant shortage of medical resources.

More than 100 Koreans are estimated to be in Wuhan, news reports said.

After hearing news about the plastic surgeon in Wuhan, the KMA is searching for ways to help him. As the doctor requested for more drugs, the KMA will prepare them and find a way to send them, the group said.

Wuhan is in short of not only medical staff but pharmaceutical products, including antipyretics. The Korean doctor asked the KMA if the association could send him antiviral drugs, antibiotics, and antipyretics.

“The only way Korea can help is to support medicines, which Wuhan lacks a lot now,” an official at the KMA said. “We asked some drugmakers if they could help and got positive answers.”

The KMA was ready to send the supplies but it needed further consultation with the government, which will take some time, the association said.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha on Wednesday made a call to consuls remaining in Wuhan to thank them for their public service. She also thanked the plastic surgeon, saying, “You made the righteous decision to protect Koreans.”

The government sent protective clothes and drugs to the plastic surgeon to help him provide free patient care, via the third chartered plane that arrived in Wuhan on Wednesday.


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