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‘COVID-19 occurring in 102 countries signals a pandemic’
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2020.03.09 15:12
  • Updated 2020.03.09 15:12
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The confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) have spanned more than 100 countries around the globe, a report said Monday.

The Global Bigdata Research, a private research institute, said in the report that the number of countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 has increased to 102 as of 7 a.m. Sunday, up by three from 99 on the previous day. The three new countries with the virus outbreak are French Guiana, Malta, and Martinique.

The global total of COVID-19 cases rose to 105,831, up 4,050 from the previous day. Excluding those in China, 25,173 people contracted the virus, jumping 18.69 percent (3,965 people) from the previous day. Italy had the most rapid rise by adding 1,187 cases in a day, followed by Iran with 1,136.

Korea came next with 448, followed by France (296), the U.S (141), Germany (129), Spain (100), China (79), the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden (60 each), Switzerland (54), the U.K. (43), Japan (41), and Norway (39).

As the spread of the virus has become severe in Europe and the U.S., where many international travelers visit, COVID-19 has virtually become a pandemic, the institute said.

By continent, Asia excluding China had had the fastest rise in daily confirmed cases until Saturday. On Sunday, however, new confirmed cases hit 9,655 in Europe, surpassing Asia’s 8,720.

The absolute numbers of confirmed patients in North America, Oceania, Central, and South America are very small but surging at a speedy pace.

From Monday to Sunday, Africa’s confirmed patients climbed from four to 43, a 975 percent surge, while Asia’s numbers grew only 73.71 percent. During the period, Oceania’s new confirmed cases increased 460 percent, followed by the Middle East with 451 percent, Central and South America with 364 percent, Europe with 333 percent, and North America with 272 percent.

“Except for Asia, all the continents saw confirmed cases jumping by 2.7 to 9.5 times in just six days. This shows that the global spread of COVID-19 is accelerating,” an official at the institute said. “If this trend continues, the number of coronavirus-infected people is predicted to reach 500 million, a level similar to that of the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918.”


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