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AI service for quick COVID-19 diagnosis to debut this month
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2020.03.18 12:55
  • Updated 2020.03.18 16:50
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Myongji Hospital said that it is working with PhenoMX to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which will increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosing COVID-19 through lung CT and X-ray image data.

Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun (center) and PhenoMx COO Moore Kim (to Lee's left) signed an agreement to develop an AI-based diagnostic platform for COVID-19 at the hospital in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, on Tuesday.

"The AI service will provide a COVID-19 probability index through image data, and the index, presented through algorithm learning, will help doctors diagnose COVID-19," the hospital said.

To this end, Myongji Hospital and PhenoMX began a deep learning process to develop AI-based on COVID-19 medical data for clinical researches. The two organizations have also received medical data from Italy timed with the COVID-19 outbreak in the European country.

Also, they have set about to develop the COVID-19 probability index designed to learn AI algorithms, by comparing imaging data for RT-PCR test-positive patients and standardized data sets at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).

According to PhenoMX, the AI platform that services the quantified coronavirus intrusion index will be available as early as within this month.

The two partners are not only planning to develop a COVID-19 AI probability index centered on local medical resources, but also promoting patient testing process at foreign medical institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., which has been collaborating with Myongji Hospital, the hospital said in a press release.

Through international cooperation, they are aiming to refine the diagnostic accuracy of the COVID-19 AI probability index further so that doctors can make a more accurate diagnosis.

In the long term, Myongji Hospital and PhenoMX plan to promote the development of predictive AI prognosis through RT-PCR data, and analysis of patients' blood tests and body temperature.

"Myongji Hospital is set to launch its COVID-19 AI solution package, by combining COVID-19 clinical data from the hospital with PhenoMx's AI-based image diagnostic solution technology, and CancerRop's diagnostic kit technology, which has already received recognition in Europe," Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun said. "Our hospital plans to contribute to improving the accuracy of the rapid diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 during a pandemic situation."


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