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Samsung Biologics signs CDO contract with PharmAbcine
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.04.06 18:00
  • Updated 2020.04.06 18:00
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Samsung Biologics said Monday that it has signed a contract developing organization (CDO) agreement with PharmAbcine, a biotechnology company, for developing and manufacturing the PMC-402 pipeline.

Under the accord, Samsung Biologics will provide PharmAbcine with full CDO service, including cell strain development of PMC-402, process development, clinical sample production, and investigational new drug submission support, and non-clinical and global clinical substance production.

PMC-402 is a substance that helps normalize vascular diseased blood vessels, which are proliferated blood vessels in capillaries. The infected blood vessels are known to have a characteristic of porosity.

PharmAbcine had to work with foreign companies to conduct a global phase 2 clinical trials of olinvacimab because the nation lacked companies that can provide a global-level CDO. Both companies said that the CDO contract was possible due to Samsung Biologics’ international-level CDO services.

“We have confirmed the anticancer effect of PMC-402, both as a monotherapy and a combination therapy with immunocancer drugs, through initial research. PharmAbcine also expects PMC-402 will be effective in treating ophthalmologic disease caused by diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration,” PharmAbcine President Yoo Jin-san said.

The company will test the safety of PMC-402 and begin phase 1 clinical trial by 2021 in collaboration with Samsung Biologics, Yoo added.

Samsung Biologics CEO Kim Tae-han said, “Samsung Biologics is a global supplier of CRO, CDO, and CMO with global competitiveness to support the development of new drugs for domestic pharmaceuticals with competitive candidate agents.”


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