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Myongji Hospital, ITX-M2M ties up for telemedicine
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.04.17 17:55
  • Updated 2020.04.17 17:55
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Myongji Hospital said it has signed a contract with ITX-M2M, a security solutions company, for the joint development of a telemedicine platform to implement decentralized healthcare aided by home healthcare and health bots.

The hospital, which is taking the lead in spreading Korea's experiences with the new coronavirus to the world through international webinars, will develop a global healthcare platform that will lead untact healthcare in the aftermath of Covid-19, it added.

Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun (right) and ITX-M2M CEO Park Sang-yeol signed an agreement to develop telemedicine and healthcare robot at the hospital’s New Horizon Healing Center, on Thursday.

The agreement is based on the expectation that medical services, which have been concentrated on hospitals until now, will swift to a decentralized healthcare system that centers on individuals, families, and communities after the pandemic settles. Both institutions will begin the research and development of the telemedicine platform to formulate untact healthcare medical care through home healthcare.

ITX-M2M, which possesses the expertise and know-how in various fields, such as artificial intelligence security solutions, will speed up the development of telemedicine and health bots, which can provide three- and four-dimensional medical services to connect healthcare and patients regardless of distance and time.

Besides, Myongji will focus on researching applied items of new technologies in healthcare that forms the contents and system.

In particular, both partners will work together to make a health robot that will serve as an intermediary between healthcare providers and patients by integrating robot technology into healthcare.

During the development process, Myongji Hospital will apply ITX-M2M's core video technology to telemedicine and home medical care, which is expected to bring about great results before long.

"Covid-19 has become a catalyst for the Fourth Industrial revolution in the medical field," Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun said. "The two institutions' hard work to globalize Korea's healthcare system will present a new concept of healthcare which can provide healthcare services anywhere in the world.

ITX-M2M CEO Park Sang-yeol also said that his company would help materialize new areas of futuristic healthcare, home healthcare, and health robots envisioned by Myongji Hospital, based on its top technology in Korea in the field of video security equipment and solution.


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