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Myongji Hospital sends Korea’s Covid-19 know-hows to world on YouTube
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.04.24 19:06
  • Updated 2020.04.24 20:21
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Amid rising global interests in Korea's response system to Covid-19, Myongji Hospital has produced and released a video for people throughout the world to learn about how the nation is coping with the new coronavirus.

The hospital in Goyang, just north of Seoul, has recently produced the first English-dubbed video of the contents presented at two webinars, hosted by the U.N. Office of Disaster Risk Reduction, and Mayo Clinic Care Network, respectively, late last month.

An image of the beginning of Myongji Hospital’s YouTube video “Korea's 4 Strategies against COVID-19.”

Entitled as “Korea's 4 Strategies against COVID-19,” the video lately added a version with Korean subtitled, because, upon its uploading on YouTube, there has been the surge of requests from Koreans wanting to know better about the response strategies of the Korean government and Myongji Hospital, especially its patient classification and treatment system.

The two videos have been uploaded to Myongji Hospital's YouTube channel and are being released. The hospital is also making its Russian and Mongolian versions, as the two countries have asked to transfer related information and know-how.

Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun, who also heads the Korea Hospital Association's COVID-19 Emergency Response Committee, appeared in the video to introduce Korea's Covid-19 response system.

Specifically, Lee presented the epidemiological curve of the patients in Korea and explained its three-stage progress. He summed up Covid-19 progress in Korea and the country’s responses in four strategies and introduced them to viewers.

Myongji Hospital Chairman and CEO Lee Wang-jun explains the response strategies of Korea and Myongji Hospital to Covid-19 on YouTube video entitled “Korea's 4 Strategies against COVID-19.”

He cited the Korean system’s characteristics as transparency and openness of information, simultaneous implementation of containment and mitigation policies, efficient and deliberate patient classification and treatment system, and extensive selective screening and rapid tracing.

"In fact, the response strategy and tactics against Covid-19 are very Korean in nature,” Lee said. “Recently, a German media outlet reported that Korea is showing its national trait, describing the country’s response to the pandemic as ‘perfectionism verging on obsession,’ in which ‘doing just good is not enough and wanting to do better.’”

Not only Chairman Lee but other hospital officials, including Director Kim Jin-goo, Professors Kang Yu-min and Lee Ki-deok of the Infectious Medicine Department, have been handing over Korea’s and the hospital's experiences to experts, both at home and abroad, since late March.

So far, they have held seven webinars, including those for disaster officials and experts from 161 countries under the U.N’s auspices on March 25 and 26, that for Mayo Clinic and Mayo Care Clinic Network members on March 27, and one for orthopedic surgeons around the world on March 31.

Besides, the hospital hosted a Covid-19 webinar for Indonesian Doctors Associations and members of the International Hospital Federation on April 16 and took part in a joint webinar with hospital associations on April 22. It is also scheduled to hold another webinar with Thailand.

People wanting to view the video concerning “Korea’s 4 Strategies against COVID-10” can confirm it at YouTube, “Myongji Hospital Channel.” (https://youtu.be/hq6TzJywcaY)


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