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Abclon’s affibody neutralizes Covid-19 virus
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.05.07 18:50
  • Updated 2020.05.07 18:50
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Abclon, a company specializing in antibody therapeutics, said Thursday that it has confirmed affibody molecules to bind and neutralize the new coronavirus in the body.

Affibody is the smallest-unit protein, which has a one-25th size of antibodies.

Although the affibody binds to the virus and prevents it from entering the cells just as other antibodies, it is characterized by rapidly sticking on to other sites than existing antibodies do.

The company selected dozens of Covid-19 binding affibodies from its library and has recently applied for a patent. Among them, the company has chosen affibody with the best neutralizing capability and began to develop single or double-antibodies as well.

The development is a separate project from the ongoing single Covid-19 treatment and preventive antibody, AV103. Abclon is also developing an antibody that can be used in combination with AV103 for an antibody cocktail that neutralizes Covid-19.

With the development of single-antibody (AV103), antibody cocktail (AV103 and one of the antibody candidates), and affibodies (single and double-antibodies), the company will secure a portfolio of Covid-19 antibody therapeutics that can cope with mutated Covid-19 virus and apply to a wide range of patient.

According to the company, the affibody is a substance, which has already proven its stability in vivo and applies to various fields such as treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. It can also help solve the Covid-19 with the monoclonal antibody AV103 and the antibody candidate group.

“We will develop all three treatment options and conduct preclinical or clinical trials for the most effective one,” Abclon said.


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