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Regulator detects illegal substances in directly purchased health food
  • By Kim Yun-mi
  • Published 2020.05.14 16:05
  • Updated 2020.05.14 16:26
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The government said it has detected unauthorized substances in seven foreign products directly purchased by Korean online shoppers, which claim to be effective for losing weight or improving sexual function.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said Thursday it investigated 274 goods from foreign internet sites that advertised their weight loss effect and sexual function improvement in the first quarter and found that seven, or 2.6 percent, of them contained illegal ingredients banned for foods in the country.

Out of the 274, 190 promoted weight loss effect, 42, sexual function improvement, and the rest 42, muscle enhancement.

The food and drug safety ministry asked the Korea Customs Service to block the entry of seven products into Korea and posted them on the list of hazardous foods in the government’s food safety information site. More specifically, the regulator found illegal substances in four weight-loss products and three goods claiming to improve sexual function.

Out of the four, Bikini Me and Slim Me contained N-Acetyl cysteine, and Tummy & Body Fat Reducing Tea and Kiseki Tea Detox Fusion Drink, sennoside. N-Acetyl cysteine and sennoside are medications.

Hamer Ginseng & Coffee, claiming to improve sexual function, contained tadalafil, Impactra Gold, sildenafil, and Rise, Icariin.

“Foods directly purchased from foreign online sites do not go through the official import process, so the safety is not guaranteed. Consumers should check whether the product is barred from entering the country in advance,” the ministry said. “We will enhance investigating foods directly purchased from foreign sites to check their safety.”


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