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Huons wins nod for endoscope sterilizer
  • By Shim Hyun-tai
  • Published 2020.06.16 18:06
  • Updated 2020.06.16 18:06
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Huons Medicare, a biotechnology firm, said Tuesday that it has won the regulator’s approval for HUEN Single, an endoscope sterilizer that uses a disposable peracetic acid (PAA) disinfectant.

HUEN Single is a product that compensates for shortcomings such as cross-infection of existing endoscopic sterilizers used in the medical field and concerns about effective concentration reduction.

Huons Medicare’s endoscope sterilizer that uses a disposable peracetic acid (PAA) disinfectant

As the disinfectant for general endoscopic sterilizers has been reused, there has been a concern that the effective concentration may decrease due to repeated usage over a long period. Also, there was a risk of cross-infection among patients, as the number of endoscopic examinations and procedures increased.

HUEN Single uses a high-level disposable PAA disinfectant to suppress biofilm production using a scosingle solution and sterilize all pathogenic microorganisms within five minutes to prevent cross-infections, the company said.

The waterproof check and disinfection process have been simplified into a single process. It also improved user convenience with powerful ultrasonic cleaning functions and various options, including automatic door, air gun, chamber tray, and barcode system, Huons Medicare said.

“We have developed a world-class endoscope sterilizer with disposable PAA disinfectants,” Huons Medicare CEO Lee Sang-man said. “Huons Medicare will continue to develop products that reflect the changes of the times, which regard preventing infection and managing sterilization as increasingly significant.”


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