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5 universities publish most papers in prestigious bio journals
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2017.08.01 16:18
  • Updated 2017.08.01 16:18
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Which university has published the largest number of bio-related research papers in the top-5 percent of international journals over the past year?

According to a report released by Biological Research Information Center (BRIC) Monday, Seoul National University published the greatest number of papers in most influential international papers. Following its leader were Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Yonsei University, Sungkyunkwan University and Korea University.

The center made the analysis based on 2015 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) data screened and registered by the U.S. information provider Thomson Scientific, by selecting journals with the impact factor of 10 or more or the five-year impact factor of 10 or more.

The report chose papers published in these between July 2016 and June 2017 and collected data by academic organizations to which corresponding authors belonged.

It classified them into bioscience, medical science, and interdisciplinary science departments.

As a result, Seoul National University released 54 bio-related papers, the largest number among universities and other organizations, chased by KAIST with 46 articles, Yonsei University with 34 papers, Sungkyunkwan University with 31 papers, and Korea University with 19 papers.

In the outside of the top 10 were the Catholic University of Korea with nine papers, Hanyang University with nine papers, Konkuk University with eight papers, and Aju University with eight papers.

Besides universities, Institute for Basic Science기초과학연구원 topped the list with 38 papers, followed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology with 10 papers, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (KRIBB)한국생명공학연구원 with eight papers, and National Cancer Center (NCC)국립암센터 with six papers.


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